OCIMUM Systems end user computing services provide services to seamlessly transform your end-user computing requirement. We use analytics-bases transformation approach to enhance end-user productivity and save costs.

Ocimum offerings

We offer centralized remote management services to in-house tools and solutions accelerators. OCIMUM Systems use leading solution provider tools like Microsoft, Intel, Dell, Citrix and VMware to provide and entire spectrum of end-user computing services.

  • Operating the absence of highly secure desktop environments.
  • Adhering to industry-standard security guidelines and compliances frameworks.
  • Managing time-consuming and complex management lifecycles.
  • Simplifying the rigid support structure to meet the SLA requirements.
  • Managing complexity to build enterprise-specific systems.

How and where we add value in operating system and application stack

End user computing


Ocimum end user computing services are designed with an emphasis on creating long term value for SME and Enterprise. The benefits are:

Enhance mobility:

Right implementation of end user computing services will enable easy and secure access from any device. It also offers users the freedom to choose their own device, promoting productivity and flexibility.

Reduce cost:

Leverage right device and deployment method used to reduce a significant cost and effort.

Tailored end user service:

We help you create a fit-for-purpose environment by deploying the solution to cater to specific user requirement and following work roles, user behavior, permission structure.